Jim Richmond

For Love of the Game


My purpose is to have fun and locate under-valued junior mining companies for addition to my personal stock portfolio.  I am not paid to produce the content in this website, I do it for my pleasure, for love of the game.

I have been involved with gold mining since 1977.   First with placer gold, operating a small placer mine for a decade in a remote wilderness area of California, supplying the operation with  burros and mules.  Not wanting to be 60 and turning boulders looking for my next meal, I returned to school and earned a BS in Geology and later an MS in Geology “With Distinction”. 

My first job as a geologist was with Viceroy Resources as an exploration geologist, walking the mountains of the Mojave Desert.  I advanced to exploration field supervisor and ultimately worked as the mine geologist of the Castle Mountain Mine.  As the mine geologist, I did the geostatistics for the Castle Mountain Mine and assisted in calculating the reserves, developing the mine block model and mining plan for the first 5 years of the mine.  My work as mine geologist led to the recognition of coarse gold in the Castle Mountain deposits and subsequent installation of a 1000 TPD mill/gravity recovery circuit to treat the high-grade ore.   My work on the Castle Mountain Mine also led to a first in open pit mine operation.  At my suggestion, Viceroy thickened the mill/gravity circuit tailings and agglomerated them to the -3/8” crushed rock headed for the leach pad, an idea I had while pondering in the silence of the wilderness years before.  This eliminated the need for an expensive tailings impoundment facility and resulted in getting a second shot at the gold left in the mill tailings, directly improving project economics.  

I continue to hold my placer claims, for love of the wilderness.

I since have worked with a group of coastal engineers and scientists authoring numerous technical papers covering coastal erosion issues and the activities of man.  Half of the planet’s people live within a few miles of the coastlines of the world and this interaction of people and shoreline has shaped history in many ways.  This work is ongoing.  I like to do research and I like to write about what I find.  For Love of the Game.



Chasing the Planet’s Treasures

Cretaceous Ammonite Guenoc Methane Cold Seep -

Lake County California

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Chasing the Planet’s Treasures

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